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Are you the person that has a lot of cooking tasks still unattended and the nerves are getting to you? Or do you have guests coming over and you still need to grind the spices and everything before cooking the main dish? All of these problems can be very worrying, especially when you don’t have the right equipment in your house. Either that or your appliance is just not good enough to perform all the tasks with ease.

Nowadays, a good mixer grinder is very important, especially for family households. Therefore, it is necessary to spend your money on a worthy choice and have the proper knowledge of what you’re buying.

The mixer grinder that I am going to be talking about today is the Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder.

Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder


The manufacturer, TTK Prestige Limited is a part of the TTK Group and aims to become India’s number 1 kitchen appliance manufacturer. With their latest products with up-to-date technology and amazing performance, they are quickly getting nearer to achieving their aim.

Their products are quite well-known in all of India for their endurance, quality, and legitimacy.

Model Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Prestige
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Dimensions: 51 x 28 x 29.5 (centimeters)
  • 3 – Speed System
  • Total Weight: 6000g
  • Power: 750 Watts

Detailed Review of the Features

Prestige Iris 750 watts comes with a number of quality features which I’m now going to list in detail. Each part has its own function and work which I will be discussing below:

1)   Design

The overall design of the Iris 750W is very good-looking and attractive. It comes in a mixture of blue and white color which adds a fresh and new look to this appliance. Supposedly, you’re interested in buying the Prestige Iris 750 watts mixer grinder and at the same time, you love decorating your kitchen, so you have nothing to worry about as the overall appearance of this mixer grinder is very presentable and attractive.

It is constructed from ABS plastic material. This product is designed in such a way that it is easy to work with. It is very user-friendly and is considerably lightweight, as compared to other mixer grinders in this range. Its light weight makes it easy to carry around and shift it from one place to another in the kitchen.

2)   Motor Housing

Let’s move on to the next and the most important part of this product i.e: the motor housing. How much power does this product have, how much it delivers as a result of its motor, and if the motor is copper-wound or not, etc, all of your questions will be answered one by one.

The Prestige Iris 750W possesses a motor that is powered by a total of 750 watts and an RPM of up to 22,000. Usually, heavy-duty mixer grinders possess a 1000W-powered motor but Prestige Iris 750 watts comes only with a motor that has a total power of 750W.

Hence, this product is perfect for smaller families (3-4 members) who do not have excessive grinding and mixing needs, a mid-card 750W mixer grinder will do its job well for them.

The motor does not have a copper winding but still delivers high-duty performance according to its power; it can perform multi-grinding and blending tasks with ease.

3)   Number of Jars

The second most important thing about a mixer grinder is how many jars it comes with. Usually, mixer grinders in this range have three different-sized jars, however, Prestige Iris 750 watts features a total of four jars which is amazing considering its price.

Three of the jars are made from stainless steel and one of them is a polycarbonate jar, each jar has its own purpose and work, all of them have been briefly explained below:

  • A Wet Grinding Jar

This is mainly used to grind rice and dal batters used to convert wet food ingredients to liquids such as milkshakes and lassis and have a total storing capacity of 1.5L.

  • Juicer

This is the fourth extra jar that comes with the Prestige Iris 750 watts and as the name quite literally says, this jar is used to blend and make shakes and juices easily. This also has a capacity of 1.5 liters.

  • Dry Grinding Jar

This one has a capacity of 1 liter and is usually used to grind dry ingredients such as rice, masalas or sugar etc. This has lesser capacity than the wet grinding jar.

  • Chutney Jar

This is mainly used for grinding chutneys and pastes into finer quantities. Since it is used for smaller ingredients, therefore, the size and the capacity (300mL) is smaller so that the ingredients are grinded perfectly.

As I stated earlier, all three main jars (wet grinding jar, dry grinding jar, and chutney jar) are made of stainless steel whereas the 1.5L juicer is made from polycarbonate material.


A total of four blades come with all four jars and these are super-efficient and quick cutters of all types of spices.

4)   Safety and Protection

Now, let’s talk about if this mixer grinder is overall safe to use or not and if it comes with the standard protective equipment or not.

To start with, this appliance gets its power through a PVC-insulated copper wire which is very safe to use. Moreover, the overall body of the mixer grinder is constructed from ABS plastic so the body of the appliance is safe to touch while it is on. This lets you operate the appliance safely.

The notable safety feature this machine brings is overload protection which immediately shuts the mixer grinder down just in case the current overflows or there is a voltage fluctuation.


  • Lid locks for the jars
  • Budget-friendly
  • Four different jars
  • Protective overload protection
  • Great value for money


  • Noisy and irritant
  • Not recommended for larger families

Why is Prestige Iris 750 Watts a good option?

Obviously, you might be wondering why I am keen on suggesting you this mixer grinder specifically. Well, there are several reasons behind my recommendation. First of all, my personal experience of this mixer is quite good and my opinion is based on that experience that if you are looking for a mixer grinder that is suitable enough for a family of 3-4 members and you want to get maximum work out of it, then there is no better choice (in this affordable price range) than the Prestige Iris 750W. It is definitely a top pick for me and that is why I would recommend buying this product.


On that note, I will sum up the details of my review on the Prestige Iris 750W mixer grinder. Overall, it is a very solid option in terms of its design and appearance, the motor housing and its performance, the four jars that come with it and their versatility and finally, the good service it provides to its users. If you’re looking for something that has all the aspects of a good mixer grinder, Prestige Iris 750 watts is the way to go!

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